Amazing Mussel Man Trailer

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Cartoon, comedy, entertainment. Mussel Man stuck to a bus.

Is he a Superhero?

He tries hard, but he won't be invited 

to a superhero party anytime soon.

So what is he?

He's a freak!   A lovable plum colored freak!

Who doesn't love plums? 

How can you not love a lovable freak?


Exactly what kind of Freak?

He's half man, half mussel, 110% freak (up from 100%!)

He was once the star of a freak show, until he was forced to retire 

due to a freak injury caused by a freak accident. 


Mussel Man hanging out with his son Manny.

He's Got A New Show!

Mussel Man is starring in a TV variety show 

with his co-host and friend Maynard Bobmaynard.  

You'll also see him spending quality time 

with his lovely wife, Mandy, snarky daughter Mindy 

and mollusc-off-the-old block, Manny. 

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